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give their students unlimited access to a variety of opportunities that really recruit international candidates:


In addition to concrete opportunities abroad, we help your students get recruited as well. We create lots of resources (webinars, e-books, application tips...) where experts, recruiters, and successful graduates share tons of practical tips and lessons from their achievements.


Make your university more attractive to prospective students around the world!
Upon joining the International Career Centres network, your university study programs & scholarships will be promoted on our platform to attract students from over 120 countries.

Here are Some of Our Success Stories

You can create the same stories with your students!

The International Career Centre is powered by HeySuccess’ unique technology and network of partnerships that compiles student programs from over 5,000 sources, and filters them in real time on a single platform. Your students will only see active opportunities that they are eligible to apply to.

The International Career Centre is powered by the HeySuccess Limited’ technology. HeySuccess Ltd (Registration number: 08749276): 1 Charterhouse Mews, London, EC1M 6BB, United Kingdom.

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Because, as a University, YOU CARE about your students’ professional success.

In addition to strong academic backgrounds, the best universities in the world offer their students a wealth of opportunities for internships and graduate positions around the world. This is your chance to become one of those institutions! Membership in the International Career Centre will help you get there in 4 ways.

Improve your university’s reputation: The more professionally successful your students, the brighter your University reputation becomes. Every successful placement of your students increases your employer reputation score, and consequently your Global University Employability Ranking® and QS World University Rankings®. Imagine the compound effect of successful graduates all over the world.

Stronger & more diverse prospective students: The educational market is highly competitive. Prospective students select their universities based on the opportunities a school can offer them. Your participation in our network will open a world of opportunities for them, and make your university more attractive to prospective students around the world.

Save Time & Money: Membership in the International Career Centre provides you with a global career solution for a fraction of the cost of sourcing comparable opportunities in house, allowing you to drastically improve your students educational experience without wasting time or money.

Become a world class career counsellor: The best career counsellors are successful because they bring concrete opportunities to their students. That is exactly what you do for them when joining the International Career Centre.
We are NOT Jobteaser, Wayup, Handshake or any other similar platform that provides domestic internships for domestic students (for example US internships for US students), or platforms like LinkedIn or Goinglobal that offers internships abroad that in reality prefer and hire only local students. We offer positions explicitly available to international candidates; where they are indeed wanted, and they can apply and get recruited! In short, from your country to abroad!

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